Quirky Dental Details That Would possibly Marvel You

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In nowadays’s St. Mary’s Dental publish, we percentage some enjoyable information about dentistry. Revel in!

  • Many dental sufferers are conscious that prior to there was once formal dental coaching and licensing, barbers continuously carried out dental procedures. However do you know that blacksmiths additionally moonlighted as dentists?1 How do you want your dental seek advice from to contain equipment used to hammer scorching steel?
  • The Mayans have been completed beauty dentists. One smile taste in Mayan tradition was once bejeweled enamel – a process that concerned the drilling of holes to embed treasured gem stones. That’s a grill with primary bling! 1
  • The common human produces 25,000 quarts of saliva in an entire life. That is sufficient to refill two swimming swimming pools.2 (No longer an excessively delightful symbol, proper?)
  • Nylon toothbrush bristles weren’t offered till 1938. Previous to that, pig hair was once a commonplace bristle subject material.3 (“Mother, my toothbrush smells like bacon!”)
  • A well-liked toothache remedy in medieval Germany was once to kiss a donkey.3 There is not any proof that it in reality labored and it’s unknown if the similar treatment was once utilized by donkeys.
  • Each individual’s tongue is exclusive – similar to a fingerprint.4
  • In medieval Japan, black enamel have been seen interesting. Taste-conscious girls used roots to stain their enamel.3

At St. Mary’s Dental, you received’t in finding pig hair, donkeys, or anvils. You’re going to in finding high quality dental care and our staff of dental pros. Our menu of products and services comprises beauty dentistry, circle of relatives dentistry, and a lot more. Touch St. Mary’s Dental nowadays at 301-884-3248 to time table an informative session.

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