Dana Linn Bailey Main points The way to Optimize Leg Pump

The 2013 Girls’s Body Olympia champion, Dana Linn Bailey, is legendary for her intense exercises. Bailey’s legs had been certainly one of her largest strengths all the way through her aggressive bodybuilding profession. Even though she final competed in a professional display in 2015, she nonetheless trains exhausting and heavy within the gymnasium.

Bailey trains her quads through combining high-volume supersets and Tabata coaching to maximise her pump. A Nationwide Power and Conditioning Affiliation find out about discovered an important certain correlation between muscle pumps and hypertrophy. The find out about means that “the better the muscle swelling in an instant after a resistance coaching consultation, the better the muscle hypertrophy.” (1)

Take a look at Bailey’s detailed coaching ways within the video under, revealed on her YouTube channel on Aug. 28, 2023: 

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Dana Linn Bailey Quad-Targeted Leg Exercise

Here’s a snapshot of Bailey’s decrease frame exercise:

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Leg Press Calf Elevate

Bailey opened with calf raises on a horizontal leg press system. Since calves are a lagging muscle crew for Bailey, she trains them initially of her decrease frame consultation when she is maximum energized. 

For each and every set, Bailey carried out 21 reps: seven together with her ft pointed outward to bias the internal gastrocnemius head, seven with ft pointed inward to emphasise the outer gastrocnemius heads, and 7 with impartial foot placement. She paused on the most sensible of each and every rep whilst contracting her calves of their totally shortened place.

Slim-Stance Barbell Again Squat

Bailey used a high-bar place — barbell positioned atop of the rear delts — and maintained an upright torso to higher bias her quads. She used a squat wedge and a closer-than-hip-width stance to reach better knee flexion and maximize quad engagement.

Goblet Field Squat & Kettlebell Soar Squat

Bailey used a field, permitting her hips to dip her knees on eccentrics. She paused on the backside of each and every rep, retaining a kettlebell at chest top with a slight torso lean. After finishing 12 goblet squats, Bailey carried out 12 sumo-stance kettlebell soar squats with an upright torso to stay the stress on her quads (if she sought after to bias her glutes or hamstrings, she may hip hinge to elongate both muscle crew. 

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Barbell Strolling Lunge

Bailey prefers barbells greater than dumbbells for strolling lunges, because the latter may make grip a proscribing issue. Keeping up a proud chest, she took small steps so her rear knee aligned together with her reverse leg’s heel on the backside to maximise knee flexion to load the quads. Longer strides, the place the higher and decrease legs are at 90 levels, bias the glutes and hamstrings. 

Leg Extension & Sumo Kettlebell Squat

Bailey carried out 12 reps via her complete vary of movement at the leg extension. She adopted with 5 partial reps within the most sensible part. She superset the leg extension with sumo kettlebell squats, retaining a kettlebell between her legs together with her palms prolonged.

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Tabata Superset (Attack Motorbike & Broad-to-Slim Soar Squat)

Bailey ended her quad consultation with a Tabata superset — four-minute high-intensity period coaching that alternates between 20 seconds of labor and 10 seconds of leisure. She went complete ship on an Attack motorcycle for 20 seconds, rested for 10 seconds, then carried out wide-to-narrow squat jumps for 20 seconds prior to taking a 10-second breather. She alternated between the 2 workouts for 4 mins.

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