The Aspect Results of Methylene Blue, The right way to Use it, & Extra.

The colour blue incessantly conjures up emotions of calm, intensity, and thriller.

However do you know there is a explicit coloration of blue with a wealthy historical past that may have an effect on your well being in profound tactics? Meet methylene blue, the Nineteenth-century dye grew to become trove of modern day well being advantages.

side effects methylene bluePresented within the Nineteenth century by way of German chemist Heinrich Caro as a textile dye, methylene blue temporarily captured the eye of pioneering scientists like Robert Koch and Paul Ehrlich. Spotting its distinctive antimicrobial houses, they helped transition it from textile labs to clinical clinics. By means of the onset of the twentieth century, methylene blue used to be hailed as a groundbreaking remedy for malaria, a place it nonetheless maintains nowadays.

Now, it’s possible you’ll marvel why malaria remedy is related to you. It isn’t about the specter of the illness or any of your upcoming commute plans. Quite, it is because the mechanism through which methylene blue acts on malaria has improbable implications to your well being.

Methylene blue is, in essence, a redox agent. Do not let the jargon spook you; all that implies is that methylene blue is a supercharger to your biology on the cell stage.

When mixed with different biohacking modalities comparable to infrared gentle remedy and hyperbaric oxygen (see featured symbol for this text: that is me combining a Lumetol Blue methylene blue troche with a Vielight Neuro intracranial and intranasal crimson gentle headset) methylene blue turns into one thing similar to a cuppa espresso to your mind. Certainly, one doctor cites analysis right here and says: “Methylene blue, together with crimson gentle remedy, is so efficient at remedying hallmarks of dementia that some may even name it a remedy.” Any other of my pals, Dr. Scott Sherr, mentioned the wedding of methylene blue and hyperbaric oxygen in our podcast dialogue right here.

So why does these things paintings so effectively? Mainly, methylene blue donates and accepts electrons in keeping with the desires of the organic procedure handy. This talent to shuffle electrons makes methylene blue an integral a part of a number of biochemical reactions, particularly the ones involving cell power manufacturing. All you truly want to know, although, is that methylene blue is without doubt one of the maximum extensively really useful equipment for bettering your well being with only a few unwanted effects. 

Now, you will have heard me discuss methylene blue prior to now. John Lieurance, DC, and I delved into methylene blue amongst different subjects on a podcast past due remaining 12 months and all the way through a keynote presentation John and I gave in Sarasota Florida. In the ones episodes and different mentions (together with this well-liked Instagram put up), I’ve detailed one of the advantages of methylene blue or equipped assets for additional non-public finding out, however I’ve by no means earlier than laid out a real information to the use of methylene blue. 

On this article, that is exactly what I have got down to supply: a complete information or ‘map’ to figuring out this compound, from what it does and the way it’s recently utilized in medication, how you are going to really feel while you use it, and in what situations you wouldn’t need to check out it. Right here, in the end, is your own information to methylene blue. 

The Many Makes use of of Methylene Blue

Since its introduction within the past due 1800s, methylene blue has skilled a storied historical past of use starting from veterinary medication to textile dye.

side effects of methylene blueWorking out the far-reaching advantages of this compound will also be extra totally preferred by way of figuring out a little bit in regards to the breadth and intensity of its utility over time.

As of late, methylene blue is utilized in a variety of tactics:

Antiseptics: Over the years, the clinical group began using methylene blue as a potent antiseptic, combating infections and helping in treating minor wounds.

Scientific diagnostics: In clinical procedures, methylene blue has served as a precious diagnostic instrument, used to actually spotlight leaks within the gastrointestinal tract or the urinary device.

Remedy for methemoglobinemia: In additional serious clinical situations, methylene blue has been a game-changer within the remedy of methemoglobinemia, a situation that impairs blood oxygen-carrying features. 

Alzheimer’s illness analysis: As medical figuring out evolves, new possible makes use of for methylene blue are rising. A number of the maximum promising of those is Alzheimer’s illness analysis, the place methylene blue might inhibit protein clump formation within the mind.

Malaria remedy: Methylene blue remained the executive anti-malaria compound till the introduction of the drug Chloroquine. Methylene blue acts by way of inhibiting the parasite’s survival and replica inside of crimson blood cells.

Organic and microbiological packages: Methylene blue’s usefulness extends to organic and microbiological research, together with:

  • Cellular staining: Methylene blue is used to spotlight positive buildings within the mobile. 
  • Microorganism tradition: Methylene blue can be utilized to trace micro-organism enlargement.
  • Indicator dye: Methylene blue is used as a trademark in a variety of checks.

Veterinary medication: In veterinary medication, methylene blue is a multi-use instrument. It treats fungal or bacterial infections in fish and different aquatic animals and is used as a diagnostic instrument to evaluate kidney serve as or come across urinary tract abnormalities.

Commercial packages: Methylene blue remains to be hired as a dye, in addition to for different makes use of within the business international, like figuring out the oxidization possible of positive chemical substances. 

I spotlight methylene blue’s historical past of use to make some degree. Methylene blue is a extremely flexible compound with many packages. 

That is similarly true relating to your well being. Methylene blue, as you’ll be informed in a while, has a protracted checklist of possible advantages with few unwanted effects.

So long as you’re keen to care for some blue urine (as a result of sure, that may occur), learn on.

The Well being Advantages of Methylene Blue

Methylene blue has profound advantages for well being because of its motion as a redox agent.

In essence, methylene blue acts as an electron donor, making improvements to the electron shipping chain on the cell stage. 

The electron shipping chain is important for your frame’s talent to create power on the cell stage. This implies extra ATP manufacturing by way of your mitochondria, which is how your frame creates power on the maximum foundational stage. 

Strategies that strengthen mitochondrial well being incessantly have far-reaching advantages and less unwanted effects, and in relation to methylene blue, this seems like:

Cognitive enhancement: Analysis signifies methylene blue can bolster reminiscence, consideration, and general psychological efficiency. This cognitive receive advantages arises from the compound’s talent to carry power manufacturing in mind cells and give a boost to mitochondrial process. Those movements underpin neurotransmitter serve as and facilitate smoother communique between neurons, paving the best way for heightened cognitive prowess.

Neuroprotective results: Methylene blue gives potent neuroprotective houses. It is helping inhibit the accumulation of destructive proteins, comparable to beta-amyloid plaques and tau tangles, notorious for his or her affiliation with neurodegenerative issues like Alzheimer’s. This protecting characteristic might decelerate the development of such illnesses and lend a hand take care of mind well being. It has additionally proven promise in combating neurodegeneration within the instances of stressful mind damage and Parkinson’s by means of its mitochondrial results. 

Temper elevation: For people wrestling with temper issues, methylene blue surfaces as a promising support. By means of amplifying the process of neurotransmitters like serotonin and norepinephrine, it is going to play a pivotal position in temper legislation. This implies that methylene blue may lend a hand alleviate signs related to despair and nervousness. 

Ache-reduction and anti inflammatory results: Methylene blue is moving into the limelight as a potent antioxidant and anti inflammatory agent. As an antioxidant, it neutralizes destructive loose radicals that may injury cells and give a contribution to illness building. Concurrently, its anti inflammatory houses might lend a hand modulate the frame’s inflammatory reaction, doubtlessly mitigating the danger of continual illnesses related to irritation.

Anti-aging advantages: Methylene blue displays nice promise as an anti-aging modality. Mitochondrial disorder has been connected to getting old throughout quite a lot of tissues within the frame. Methylene blue can mitigate this disorder to some extent. It additionally promotes autophagy, which eliminates dysfunctional “senescent” cells, permitting wholesome new cells to shape as an alternative. 

When taking methylene blue, you’re perhaps to enjoy enhancements in center of attention and temper, discounts in aches and pains, and will increase in power.

Methylene blue may additionally support in decreasing signs of continual infections comparable to Borrelia or Lyme, however you will have to paintings with a health care provider or a practical medication practitioner if the use of methylene blue or another modality to regard a illness or situation.

Now that you recognize the advantages of methylene blue, right here’s the solution to the query you’ve been looking ahead to: How do you employ it?

How To Use Methylene Blue

Fortunately, the use of methylene blue is beautiful simple. 

The important thing components to bear in mind are high quality, dosage, and supply.

Past that, unwanted effects are unusual and generally each brief and risk free at low ranges. 

In relation to high quality, you at all times need pharmaceutical-grade methylene blue. Being that this compound is used so incessantly in lab analysis and as a dye in business packages, it’s particularly essential you recognize your supply is made for human intake. Many methylene blue merchandise are to be had that experience destructive fillers in them and aren’t suitable for eating.

Dosing: My pal Dr. John Lieurance suggests 0.5-1 mg in step with kilogram of frame weight in step with day, 2 to 4 days every week. In his guide, Methylene Blue & Metabolic Drugs (which you’ll obtain totally free by way of the use of code Ben at checkout), he mentions that 20 to 60mg in step with day is a great healing dose for most of the people.  Along with his sufferers, Dr. John will incessantly pulse methylene blue 2 to 4 days every week, the use of a mixture of sustained unlock strategies and oral supplementation. 

Oral supply: As with maximum dietary supplements, you most likely lean first in opposition to oral supply. Methylene blue seems to have top bioavailability when fed on orally, so this isn’t a nasty course to head in anyway. On the other hand, this technique can stain your tongue blue, and different “sustained unlock” choices have the good thing about turning in methylene blue over the process the day, that may be awesome for alleviating unwanted effects but maximizing advantages. 

My favourite strategy to take methylene blue orally is the use of troches, which might be exhausting cube-shaped dietary supplements supposed to be dissolved underneath your tongue for half-hour. Dr. John has a methylene blue troche referred to as Lumetol Blue, which incorporates roughly 40mg in step with full-sized troche, that may be cut up down into 4 10mg sections. The Lumetol Blue bars are mixed with polyphenols like quercetin and curcumin, but when you need natural methylene blue, Troscriptions additionally gives a natural methylene blue troche which incorporates 48mg in step with dice and will also be cut up into 12mg items. Troscriptions even have their very own blends that include methylene blue along synergistic compounds like a little bit of caffeine or hemp extract for extra advantages. (For 10% off Lumetol Blue, input code BEN10 at checkout when you sign up for the Mitozen Membership for $10 for lifetime get entry to; for 10% off Troscriptions, input code BEN at checkout.)

side effects of methylene blueIV supply: The primary and maximum not unusual sustained unlock supply approach of methylene blue is with an IV. This technique is incessantly utilized in health center settings to get methylene blue into the blood temporarily and in addition to immediately keep watch over the speed of dosing. On the other hand, IVs require get entry to to a health center that gives methylene blue as a remedy and could also be restrictive when you don’t like needles.

Suppositories (the “magic bullet”): You’ve most probably heard the word “magic bullet.” Do you know the time period used to be to start with coined to explain methylene blue? German Nobel Laureate Paul Ehrlich had get a hold of the time period in keeping with the consequences of methylene blue, to explain a compound that might kill micro organism and different pathogens with out harming the human frame. 

In a different way “magic bullet” is used is to explain suppositories, aka dietary supplements you stick up your butt. Now earlier than you cross all squeamish on me, suppository supply has some distinct benefits to oral supplementation with out the numerous restrictive qualities of taking an IV. When it comes to methylene blue, suppository supply lets in for sustained unlock, spreading your dosage all through the day like an IV. 

It mimics a protracted IV drip in some ways, with out requiring you to strap in for hours at a health center. I exploit the Lumetol Blue Bullet+ model by way of my pal Dr. John over at MitoZen Clinical (use code BEN at checkout for five% off), which incorporates 60mg of methylene blue. 

To make use of a suppository, lay for your proper aspect and bend your proper leg whilst leaving your left leg instantly. Take the bullet, and do the deed, placing it into your rectal hollow space by means of the sharp aspect. 

You might have considered trying to check out coconut oil or KY jelly when taking suppositories, however I’ve discovered maximum “bullet” suppository dietary supplements are lots slippery on their very own. 

As soon as the suppository is in there, both wait half-hour to an hour, or, for speedy “retention” you’ll do what I do and carry out a 30-second to 1-minute handstand the use of your wall. I’ve discovered that once the handstand, I don’t have problems with “dropping” the suppository. 

You could really feel an urge to make use of the toilet after placing a suppository, although you don’t in truth need to poop. Merely wait and push via it. As soon as the suppository dissolves (roughly 10 to half-hour), the urge will generally cross away.

Doable Aspect Results of Methylene Blue

The person results of methylene blue can range. 

Regardless that you’re more likely to enjoy higher psychological readability, stepped forward reminiscence, enhanced temper, and a way of well-being, it’s conceivable to produce other reactions. 

Conceivable unwanted effects of methylene blue come with:

  • Blue urine and stool: Methylene blue could cause your urine and stool to show blue briefly. This discoloration is risk free and can generally unravel by itself.
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances: It is conceivable you are going to enjoy delicate gastrointestinal signs comparable to nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Those unwanted effects are generally brief and unravel on their very own.
  • Allergies: Even if uncommon, some people could have an hypersensitive reaction to methylene blue. For those who enjoy signs comparable to rash, itching, swelling, or issue respiring, search clinical consideration right away.

You will need to word that those unwanted effects are typically delicate and brief. On the other hand, when you enjoy any relating to or chronic unwanted effects, discontinue use and seek the advice of a healthcare skilled.

By means of carrying out bloodwork earlier than beginning methylene blue, your physician can make certain that it’s secure so that you can take, track any adjustments all the way through the remedy, and make knowledgeable choices about your general well being. One corporate referred to as exists as a web based telemedicine carrier that makes a speciality of the usage of methylene blue.

At the turn aspect, there are many dietary supplements that may paintings synergistically with methylene blue to come up with an influence combo of mitochondria-boosting pizzazz, antioxidant-increasing armor, or brain-protecting shielding.

Complement Mixtures With Methylene Blue

To in reality harness and optimize the advantages of methylene blue, chances are you’ll need to dig into the intricate international of synergistic supplementation.

It isn’t as regards to taking a mixture of dietary supplements, however about figuring out how positive ingredients can give a boost to every different’s houses. Whilst you mix dietary supplements with aim and data, you’ll enlarge the benefits of methylene blue, providing enhanced strengthen for your frame’s various methods.


Methylene blue inherently gives antioxidant houses that lend a hand neutralize loose radicals, combatting oxidative tension. To additional bolster the frame’s protection mechanisms, believe layering it with different antioxidants comparable to the next.

  • Nutrition C: This water-soluble nutrition can give a boost to the immune device and is famend for supporting pores and skin well being.
  • Nutrition E: Nutrition E is a fat-soluble nutrition the most important for safeguarding cells from oxidative injury.
  • Glutathione: Continuously known as the frame’s “grasp antioxidant,” glutathione performs an indispensable position in cleansing.
  • Coenzyme Q10: Past its antioxidant purposes, coenzyme Q10 is key in supporting cell power manufacturing. 

Mitochondrial strengthen

Methylene blue improves mitochondrial serve as, and mixing it with dietary supplements that still advertise mitochondrial well being can give a boost to its results. Listed below are a couple of you want to take a look at.

  • Alpha-lipoic acid: Alpha-lipoic acid aids in power metabolism and in addition boasts antioxidant houses.
  • Acetyl-L-carnitine: This compound performs a job in power manufacturing by way of helping in transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria.


When the objective is cognitive enhancement, combining methylene blue with positive nootropics could have synergistic results.

  • Alpha-GPC: Alpha-GPC is understood to strengthen cholinergic mind purposes, doubtlessly bettering reminiscence and finding out.
  • Bacopa monnieri: A staple in Ayurvedic medication, Francis Bacon monnieri is related to cognitive enhancement and tension discount.
  • Lion’s mane: Research recommend Lion’s mane might strengthen the manufacturing of nerve enlargement issue, which might be really useful for mind well being.

Navigating the huge international of dietary supplements will also be overwhelming. On the other hand, methylene blue, with its various advantages, gifts a compelling cornerstone to construct a holistic well being routine. As a reminder, you must talk over with a healthcare skilled earlier than making any vital adjustments for your complement consumption.

When You Shouldn’t Take Methylene Blue

Whilst methylene blue use is not going to motive primary unwanted effects, there are situations the place you’d need to keep away from use. 

Sure stipulations might make you a deficient candidate for methylene blue use, or positive medicines you may well be the use of.

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs), for instance, contraindicate with methylene blue. As a result of methylene blue can build up serotonin, you wouldn’t need to use it along those anti-depressant medicines as the mix may result in a perilous situation referred to as serotonin syndrome. 

Listed below are some situations the place you wouldn’t need to use methylene blue:

  • G6PD deficiency: G6PD (glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase) deficiency is a genetic situation that is affecting crimson blood cells. When you have this situation, taking methylene blue could cause the crimson blood cells to damage down, resulting in a doubtlessly critical situation referred to as hemolysis. Subsequently, in case you have G6PD deficiency, it’s typically really useful to keep away from methylene blue.
  • Kidney issues: When you have vital kidney issues or impaired kidney serve as, taking methylene blue will not be appropriate. It is because methylene blue is essentially eradicated from the frame throughout the kidneys. In case your kidneys aren’t functioning correctly, it could possibly impact the best way the drugs is processed and doubtlessly result in an accumulation of the drug on your frame.
  • Liver issues: In a similar fashion, in case you have liver illness or liver issues, it is going to have an effect on the metabolism and clearance of methylene blue out of your frame. The liver performs a the most important position in processing medicines, and if it isn’t functioning optimally, it could possibly impact how your frame handles methylene blue.
  • Low blood drive: Methylene blue can decrease blood drive in some people. If you have already got low blood drive or are taking medicines to decrease your blood drive, combining it with methylene blue might result in excessively low blood drive, inflicting dizziness, lightheadedness, or fainting.
  • Sure medicines: Methylene blue can build up serotonin in reasonable and top doses. Taking methylene blue along serotonin-increasing medication or compounds may put you susceptible to serotonin syndrome, a perilous situation that may motive middle issues and calls for hospitalization. This situation is unusual, however it’s value checking together with your physician if you’re undecided if any of your medicines would put you in danger for serotonin syndrome. 
  • Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs): Combining methylene blue with MAOIs can build up the danger of serotonin syndrome, a doubtlessly life-threatening situation. It is very important to seek the advice of a healthcare skilled earlier than the use of methylene blue if you’re taking MAOIs or have not too long ago discontinued their use.
  • Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs): Combining methylene blue with SSRIs too can build up the danger of serotonin syndrome. If you’re taking SSRIs, it is very important tell your healthcare skilled earlier than making an allowance for methylene blue.


Methylene blue is without doubt one of the oldest man-made compounds utilized in medication. 

Regardless that at the start advanced as a dye, it didn’t take lengthy for methylene blue’s well being packages to be came upon. It turned into one of the vital first efficient malaria therapies and has long gone directly to grow to be a extremely efficient instrument for a variety of infections, clinical stipulations, and well being advantages. 

Because of its motion as a redox agent, methylene blue has a variety of sure advantages. By means of performing as an electron donor, methylene blue supercharges your mitochondria, and by means of this technique of motion has potent results on cognitive enhancement, power, anti inflammatory results, and anti-aging implications.

Here is a abstract of an important issues on this article:

  • Methylene blue, since its inception within the 1800s, has had a various vary of packages from clinical diagnostics and coverings, to business dyeing processes.
  • In fashionable analysis and medication, it performs roles in Alzheimer’s illness analysis, remedy of methemoglobinemia, and used to be traditionally a prime anti-malaria compound. Methylene blue helps cell power manufacturing by way of making improvements to the electron shipping chain, resulting in enhanced ATP introduction by way of mitochondria.
  • It gives cognitive enhancement, neuroprotection in opposition to issues like Alzheimer’s, temper elevation, ache discount, anti inflammatory results, and possible anti-aging advantages because of its mitochondrial strengthen and autophagy promotion.
  • Past its inherent well being advantages, methylene blue may help in treating continual infections like Lyme illness, however clinical session is very important.
  • Be sure you download pharmaceutical-grade methylene blue made for human intake to keep away from destructive fillers and non-consumable paperwork.
  • Dosage advice varies; Dr. John Lieurance suggests 0.5-1mg/kg of frame weight 2 to 4 days per week, with 20 to 60mg day-to-day being healing for plenty of.
  • Oral supply, specifically by means of troches (like Lumetol Blue or Troscriptions), is not unusual and sensible however can lead to a blue-stained tongue (use code BEN10 for 10% off Lumetol Blue after you sign up for the Mitozen Membership and 10% off Trosciptions).
  • IV supply supplies fast and regulated dosing however calls for scientific get entry to and could also be problematic for the ones averse to needles.
  • Suppositories, just like the Lumetol Blue Bullet+  (use code BEN for five% off) by way of MitoZen Clinical, be offering sustained unlock very similar to IVs with out the will for health center visits. The appliance comes to placing the suppository rectally, and turning your frame the wrong way up can lend a hand with retention.
  • Whilst methylene blue usually complements psychological readability, temper, and well-being, possible unwanted effects come with brief blue discoloration of urine and stool, delicate gastrointestinal disturbances, and uncommon hypersensitive reactions.
  • Beef up the inherent antioxidant houses of methylene blue by way of layering it with others like Nutrition C, Nutrition E, Glutathione, and Coenzyme Q10 for a complete protection in opposition to oxidative tension.
  • Pair methylene blue with dietary supplements like Alpha-lipoic acid, Acetyl-L-carnitine, and PQQ for amplified mitochondrial well being; for cognitive enhancement, believe nootropics like Alpha-GPC, Bacopa monnieri, Lion’s mane, and Omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Chorus from the use of methylene blue in case you have G6PD deficiency, kidney or liver problems, or low blood drive. Moreover, be wary and talk over with a healthcare skilled if you’re on medicines that build up serotonin ranges, like MAOIs and SSRIs, as combining them with methylene blue may end up in a doubtlessly deadly situation referred to as serotonin syndrome.
  • Mix methylene blue with hyperbaric oxygen and/or crimson gentle remedy for enhanced results.

Right through its lengthy historical past, methylene blue has constantly demonstrated various and impactful well being advantages, from treating malaria to bettering cognitive purposes. Its distinctive mechanism of motion, essentially via supporting mitochondrial serve as and performing as a redox agent, positions it as a precious asset in each clinical therapies and holistic well being regimens. As a last reminder, as with every complement or remedy, it is the most important to make sure its high quality, use it accurately, and take note of possible interactions and contraindications to harness its advantages safely.

Let me know your enjoy with methylene blue within the feedback. I learn each and every unmarried one among your replies, and I will be able to’t wait to listen to what you have won from this biohack. And if you have not attempted it but, and you have got questions, go away the ones too!

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