Stem Cellular Myths, Early Most cancers Detection, & A lot Extra.

A number of years in the past, at the episode “10-Cross Ozone, Peptides, Blood Irradiation, Constitutional Exams & A lot Extra!“, I interviewed Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz, a former Scientific Professor of Drugs at UC San Francisco (UCSF) and founding father of Anatara Drugs, a multidisciplinary integrative middle in San Francisco.

Anatara Drugs is among the maximum complete IV remedy facilities in Northern California, they usually deal with probably the most tricky power well being stipulations the usage of a novel integrative means and a number of recent clinical applied sciences and gear.

Ahvie is the non-public doctor of probably the most Bay Space’s best biohackers, celebrities, actors, and longevity fanatics, at the side of quite a lot of sufferers on the lookout for eradication of problems like mould, spike protein, fungus, viral debris, and a lot more. His coaching features a clinical level from The Albert Einstein Faculty of Drugs and Leader Residency in Anatomic Pathology and Inside Drugs and adopted through fellowship coaching in Cardiology at The Johns Hopkins Scientific Heart.

All the way through his 12 years at Johns Hopkins, Ahvie used to be co-appointed within the Departments of Drugs and Molecular Immunology and Microbiology. His medical duties had been complemented through directing a multidisciplinary NIH-sponsored analysis group within the find out about of molecular immunological and genomic mechanisms of irritation and mobile damage, autoimmunity, transplantation, congestive middle failure, and myocarditis.

These days, Ahvie’s again, and we speak about:

  • The loopy biohacking and clinical therapies Ahvie carried out on me sooner than we started recording the display.
  • Ultrasound-guided injections and hydro dissection with photobiomodulation with the Weber laser into joints or comfortable tissue and/or intravenously, at the side of the brand new upgraded Kimera Exosomes with upper mRNA expression and added aminos.
  • A variant of extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation (EBOO), referred to as plasma filtration and detoxing or PFD, which makes use of a extra complicated filter out and lets in for extra individualization of price and ozone focus. 
  • Main points on very early most cancers detection by means of liquid biopsies. Ahvie is beta checking out FDA-qualified assays that transcend older circulating tumor mobile checks from Europe and speaks extra in regards to the long term for detection as this will get validated and long-term follow-up information are to be had within the early most cancers detection house.
  • Anatara Drugs’s distinctive method to immune modulation, gadget biology, holistic wellness, and Ahvie’s take at the systematic erosion of our nationwide well being during the last 5 a long time in line with his tale and point of view as a health care provider and scientist, for the previous 45 years.
  • And a lot more (main points beneath!).

All the way through this episode, you can additionally get a possibility to peer a captivating dialogue that Ahvie and I’ve over Zoom with Dr. Shawn P. Tierney. Shawn is a musculoskeletal sonologist and chief of a couple of regenerative medication clinics in Southern California, focusing on ultrasound-guided procedures comparable to stem cells, PRP, spinal injections, and nerve hydro dissection. He’s additionally a professional educator for physicians and sonographers in musculoskeletal ultrasound and serves as a school member of MSKUS. Along with working towards chiropractic medication for over 15 years, Shawn has labored broadly in sports activities medication, rehabilitation, and vitamin. Shawn won his level from the Los Angeles Faculty of Chiropractic Drugs. Previous to learning chiropractic medication, Shawn used to be an environmental natural chemist and a non-public teacher since 1986.

No longer most effective does Shawn have enjoy as a nationally-ranked bodybuilder, he additionally actively assists within the restoration of {many professional} athletes. Shawn has handled contributors of the U.S. Water Polo Group, the U.S. Olympic Swim Group, {and professional} athletes from the MLB and NFL.

In as of late’s dialog with Ahvie, we speak about groundbreaking therapies, delving into ultrasound-guided injections, Kimera Exosomes, and the promising horizon of early most cancers detection. With Shawn’s insights, we discover his intensive wisdom in musculoskeletal ultrasound and his a long time in sports activities medication. From the transferring well being panorama during the last 5 a long time to the newest developments in most cancers detection, this episode is full of worthwhile insights for the ones holistic wellness, biohacking, and the way forward for medication.

All the way through our dialogue, you can uncover:

-Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz…06:53

  • :The founding father of Anatara Drugs in San Francisco
  • Ben met him at a long life convention in Vegas
  • Recorded a podcast episode with him in 2019
  • Ben met him once more in his facility and recorded every other episode
  • They mentioned

-What’s the EBOO tool?…09:39

  • The EBOO tool – extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation tool
  • System has two parts
    • Where the place the blood receives the ozone
    • Filters for micro organism, viruses, fungi, mould, and heavy metals
  • The filter out remains to be arguable
  • Checking out is completed through 3rd birthday party teams
  • ACAM – American Faculty for the Development in Drugs
  • After going thru filter out, the blood returns to the frame
  • Malaysia is the epicenter of EBOO generation
    • They’re exceptionally secure, however they are much decrease in steady ozone concentrations
  • A Malaysian team based EBOO about 25 or 30 years in the past
  • The artwork is within the tubing and within the filter out
    • The float must be correct and constant
  • Changes had been constructed into the tubing measurement and into the filter out
  • The tubing and filter out need to be ozone resistant
  • If it isn’t ozone resistant, you’ll ship byproducts of the tubing into the frame
  • The bucket at the flooring incorporates effluent
    • It’s catching what is long past throughout the filter out

-Extra in regards to the laboratory checking out…21:04

  • The blood is tested sooner than and after
  • Darkfield microscopy – seems on the form of pink cells and the standard of plasma
  • Earlier podcast with Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz
  • Continual immune gadget isn’t measured through the C reactive protein
  • Supplement cascade is the finest measure for power issues like biotoxins, mould, Lyme, viruses, occult teeth infections
  • C4A – the commonest marker for power irritation
  • Different markers for oxidative tension – Ferritin
  • Ozone is phenomenally secure
  • If there’s a fatigue after ozone remedy – the oxidative burst used to be an excessive amount of to be treated through antioxidant retail outlets
  • It’s now not a good suggestion to take antioxidants sooner than you utilize ozone
  • Checking out antioxidant retail outlets with nutrition C
  • Perque nutrition C powder 
  • Laboratory checks for the validated biomarkers of longevity
    • Hemoglobin A1C
    • Blood sugar
    • Diet D
    • Ferritin
    • Homocysteine
    • Urine pH
  • Vivoo urine checking out strips
  • If early morning urine pH isn’t between 6.5-7.5, you’ve gotten been acidic the entire evening after which you are making 25% much less protein
  • Alkaline water turbines are a advertising coup however alkaline water is neutralized in an instant within the abdomen
  • If any individual’s acidic within the morning, say it is beneath 6.5
  • Lemons and apple cider vinegar induce an alkaline response within the frame

-What are airtight stressors?…39:21

  • Ahvie is keen on airtight stressors
  • Chemotherapy began as a result of any individual discovered that one kid with leukemia spoke back to nitrogen mustard
  • Oncologist doubled the dose at the subsequent affected person after which quadrupled the dose at the subsequent affected person
  • The bio doesn’t paintings that manner
  • Podcast with Dr. David Minkoff:
  • Hormetic impact – you’ll have a low dose of one thing inappropriate or a prime dose of one thing that induces damaging unwanted side effects
    • An excessive amount of ozone can induce blood clotting
    • Over the top staying power workout isn’t excellent 
  • Outlive: The Science and Artwork of Longevity through Peter Attia
  • Some simple interventions are elementary
  • Ben’s chilly immersion protocols

-The affect of genetics on longevity…45:58

  • 1 in 5,000 other people are living to 100 years
  • It used to be at all times idea that those other people had been in Japan, the Caucasus, Sardinia, and many others. 
  • These days, there are inner-city centenarians, not essentially with wholesome way of life
  • The comparability of the affected aorta of a 60-year–outdated and 104-year-old
    • Completely the similar
    • The query is why a 60-year-old died and the 104-year-old is getting the illness 40 years later
  • Genomic checking out to peer what any individual’s possibility is
  • There are exact markers that you’ll pull up that actually translate to larger lifespan in spite of way of life
    • Take care of senescence
    • Take care of insulin sensing
    • With glucose metabolism
    • With mobile restore mechanisms
    • Are you pro-inflammatory?
    • Do you’ve gotten mutations of TNF-alpha, IL-6, IL-1 receptors?
    • Are you safe towards autoimmunity or now not?
  • There are a couple of detoxing pathways
  • Our epigenome is now bombarded with poisonous issues
  • Chelation and collation

-A take a look at Ben’s blood ozonation and oxygenation…52:58

  • Blood sugar checking out
    • Rapidity of the oxidative burst is muted through having a standard blood sugar
  • IV with a posh nutritive drip
  • Urine checking out for poisonous molds
    • Round two-thirds of other people strolling round have poisonous mould within the gadget
  • Take a look at for genetic susceptibility to mould
  • Quicksilver Extremely Binder (use code GREENFIELD15 to avoid wasting 15%)
    • The binder has the facility to draw the mildew and bind it
  • Taking it out of the gadget 

-What’s the Weber laser?…01:00:02

  • Ahvie sought after to seek out elementary tactics of activating the power cycle
    • Oxygen and NAD
    • Mild power and picture modulation
  • Weber laser is the best-studied laser tool
  • Other parts/ frequencies of the laser (rainbow IV consultation)
    • Between 500 and 1,000 nanometers
    • Purple
    • Blue
    • Inexperienced
    • Yellow
    • UV
    • Infrared
  • There are other frequencies of sunshine
  • Rainbow IV consultation
    • quarter-hour for each and every frequency
    • Interacts with the yellow within the nutrition C and the magnesium and the drips, activating the power drip extra
  • Podcast with Dr. Karim Dhanani:

-Ahvie’s background…01:02:17

  • Ecu background, born in Israel
  • Left legislation faculty and began clinical training
  • Seen for some time, found a distinct segment, and sought after to do it in a Ecu taste
  • Did 3 complete years of pathology to imitate the intense anatomical coaching of German docs
  • Sought after slightly little bit of the older taste and thought like area calls
  • Went to Yale for medication after which cardiology at Hopkins
  • Become an immunologist and a heart specialist; mavens at myocarditis – irritation of middle tissue
  • Doing transplants and invasive cardiology
  • Pharmacists in Germany are similarly skilled in prescribed drugs as in homeopathic and natural medication
  • Professor of medication at UCSF as an honor and a privilege; taught for 16 years
  • None of his cardiology fellows had been taking note of anything else he mentioned on integrative cardiology
  • Were given concerned with integrative medication or useful medication
  • Began the arena’s first nonprofit pharmaceutical corporate for illness of poverty
  • Chinese language variations of archetypal medication and Ayurvedic medication
  • Ecu clinics and retreats
  • Paracelsus health center
  • Podcast with Robyn Openshaw:
  • Podcast with Dr. Dominik Nischwitz:
  • Dr. Eniko Loud, a holistic dentist in Phoenix who is carried out bacterial profiling of Ben’s mouth
  • Podcast with Dr. Eniko Loud:
  • Illness starts within the mouth (intestine)

-Traits within the early detection of most cancers…1:16:28

  • Were given fascinated by early detection of most cancers; Ahvie’s first affected person used to be the primary worker of the non-profit that he ran
  • The sector is now in a position to be utterly modified
  • Circulating tumor cells predate when you’ll in finding the tumor in a picture
  • Within the blood, you’ll separate out the tumor cells and the conductors, referred to as the tumor stem cells
  • Genomic checking out on tumors
  • It is so simple as a blood draw to come across most cancers
  • Blood checking out for most cancers development tracking
  • RGCC, an organization in Europe for most cancers detection screening
    • The oncologists do not consider within the check effects
  • MRIs are restricted to three, 4 millimeters
  • Anything else smaller may also be detected through liquid biopsies

  Dr. H and Ben – Anatara balcony

-And a lot more…

TrigenO3 EBOO Filtering Device:

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