How To Use Astrology To To find Your Soulmate, From An Astrologer

Astrologically, one transparent indicator of a soulmate is any individual whose private planets (solar, moon, Mars, Venus, or Mercury) or ascendant shape an facet (aka an angular connection) along with your karmic line.

Conjunctions are essentially the most compelling facets for soulmates, however tight (0 to 3-degree) squares (difficult) or trines (easeful) too can put across karmic connection.

The karmic line is the north and south nodal axis, a 180-degree “line” in an astrology chart. The north node is said to objectives and goals your soul is attaining towards on this lifetime, whilst the south node presentations the place you’re coming from in earlier lives (in particular related to this one) and previous on this existence (circle of relatives instances).

Other folks you meet on this existence however know from different lives will frequently have planets situated inside of a couple of levels of your south node (forming a conjunction). In case your south node is at 23 levels Aries, as an example, and also you stay connecting with folks whose solar, moon, emerging signal, Venus, Mercury, or Mars is round 21 to twenty-five levels Aries, you in all probability knew every different in a previous existence.

The planet that connects for your north node additionally provides some indication of the character of the former courting. If any individual’s private planet or ascendant connects along with your north node, if you have an task, karmically, to finish in combination on this lifetime. In case your north nodes themselves shape a good trine, sq., or opposition to one another, this, too, can counsel a karmic contract.

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